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Welcome to the Missouri Brand Book. Branding is one of the oldest and best ways to permanently identify livestock. It serves as an excellent safeguard against livestock theft, loss or dispute. In fact, the International Livestock Identification Association considers livestock brands to be as important as a return address on a piece of mail.

You can now search for livestock brands used in Missouri by completing a few steps below. Remember - The more information you can provide the search, the faster you will get your results.

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The ledger tool containing the acronyms (brand abbreviations) can be used to search the database, since all the brand designs are named in the database using acronyms. Using acronyms will help give the most accurate search of our brands.

Brand Choice Tips

Image of Brand on the Right Hip of a Cow

Brands that have sharp points on the lettering or sharp angles tend to create burn-out and may appear blotchy and hard to read.

Freeze branding works best and is more visible on darker animals because the hair grows back in a light shade.